Thursday, November 13, 2008

Banana Split 2 Year: Experience the Banana

Sunday November 2nd, we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of Banana Split. It was pretty fucking amazing. Easily one of the best nights we've ever had and it was crazy crowded!

Everyone there had a great time, but for those of you who weren't... you can basically re-live the night through this post, as the entire night was recorded!

I kicked off the night with some tasty jams and then AM joined in and we went 1 for 1 for the second half of my set. Thats when things started getting crazy on the dancefloor, as we trying to out bomb drop each other:

DL:(thee) Mike B VS DJ AM Live at Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary 11-2-08

Then AM took over for a little while, joined later by JFK(MSTRKRFT), and then they went 1 for 1 for a bit. At this point we're deep in total dancefloor madness.

DL:DJ AM vs JFK Live at Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary 11-2-08

Then it was time for our guest of honor, the one and only DJ Falcon. He played an amazing set and the crowd response was unbelievable, I was definitely fanning out. He really took the ableton dj style to the max, doing ill live remixing and adding drums here and there. I LOVE THIS MIX!

DL:DJ Falcon Live at Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary 11-2-08

After that, our secret special guest Busy P took over and dropped bomb after bomb on em. New tracks from Tiga, Soulwax, Armand Van Helden, Crookers, Mr Oizo and the like... even some Vampire Weekend thrown in for good measure.
(please notice how scary sebastiAn looks in this pic)

DL:Busy P Live at Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary 11-2-08

Such a fun night.
It made me tired.

Check out the complete photo journalism of the night via Cobrasnake or Glenjamn.

...oh, and we got a commercial now. What!!!!



B-Analog said...

what way is the dj booth set up at banana split is it in the middle of the dance floor?? Looked like a crazy night mike happy anniversary dude.

Anonymous said...

you're a legend for posting this Mike. You and AM brought down the house that night!

Anyone got a tracklist for the sets?

Saul Mojica said...

Too bad I missed it! Good seeing ya. I must have emailed the wrong DJ Mike B whoops

jackandginger said...

Mike B,

The Wednesday B-sides are the cats pajamas. What track is that on the banana split sundaes video on vimeo? Thank you.

(thee) Mike B said...

I don't know... but I like it. i'll ask chris.

Sara said...

Mad props for posting these. Can't wait to listen to them.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!!!
hands down top 5 best party Ive been too.

nastiness everwhere!
nothin but hot girls all sweaty
yes yes yes!!!!

seandonson said...


Jarrett said...

That is "So Me" not SebastiAn, just to let you know :)

Jarrett said...

Nevermind, now I see him in the back. My baddddddddd!

(thee) Mike B said...

well Jarett... if you look behind So Me, you'll see sebastiAn looking crazy. Seems like you failed your try outs for the Ed Banger Blog Authority.

ecitsuj said...

First off, anyone have a track list for what JFK played that night?

Second, other than the M-Audio Trigger Finger and the Laptop (with Ableton), what epuipment does DJ Falcon use? His set was amazing.

Great Blog Mike

Errricajavascript:void(0) said...

What are the tracks on 4:30 & 6:23? Definitely great tracks to get things started..lovely set!

hililyhilo said...

Errrica - if you're talking about the track at 6:23 on the _thee_ Mike B VS DJ AM Live at Banana Spl.mp3 mix, I love it, too.

Mike - can you tell us the name of that cut? Thanks!

(thee) Mike B said...

6:23 is Bag Raiders 'Shooting Stars (Instrumental)'
4:30 is Classixx 'I'll Get You'

thanks for listening

hililyhilo said...

Thank you SOOO much, Mike!