Monday, November 10, 2008

Left Overs

So last week was the last Do Over... I think I went like 20 times this summer! Too much fun was had and so much wine was drank. Good times.
In an old post I hinted that I was gonna eventually post Stretch's set from this years opener... 6 months later, here it is:

DL:Stretch Armstrong Live At The Do Over 5-18-08 part 1
DL:Stretch Armstrong Live At The Do Over 5-18-08 part 2

I also never posted my set from my second appearance of the summer. Jazzy Jeff was supposed to play but ended up having to leave town so I was the obvious next choice (yeah right!)
My goal was to only play stuff I had never played there, as it was my 4th appearance. I started off with tons of random Wu-Tang joints, moved into some classic hip-hop and breaks and then disco'd my way into a full on groovy house set... enjoy.

DL:(thee) Mike B Live at The Do Over 9-21-08

And if you haven't already... go to Eli's Outside Broadcast and nab Cosmo Baker's set. Definitely one of the best set's I've heard there, if not anywhere!

See ya next summer.


HI$AKI said...

Hey Mike B!!

Thank you for uploading a good sound source.

Anonymous said...

Yo what's that 'Me and U' track Strech drops?

(thee) Mike B said...

If i recall correctly its the Solid Groove remix of Only Freak & Rasiyah - Cant Get Away

Anonymous said...

yo mike, i hate asking for this but do u have a tracklist for your set! That to me is real DAMN music!

(thee) Mike B said...

thanks man... i'll try and put one together

SkratchTv said...

hey Mike B, is it possible to upload stretch's set at

Having dl problems with megaupload.

Thanks for yr help & effort