Friday, November 7, 2008

A Quadruple Dose Of Lil' Louis

It's Friday and I'm feeling housey. Why not rally around some radness from Lil Louis in his various incarnations? Yup... no reason not to. Let's roll.

DL:Lil' Louis & The World - Why'd You Fall (Epic 1989)
(The opening of this track could permanently send you into psychosis if you're drug intake is too high. Handle with care)

DL:K.O.F./A Lil' Louis Painting - Stormy Black (Do Be Do Mix) (Nite Grooves 1997)
(One of my all time favorite joints. It's deepness knows no bounds and it was played to death by pretty much everyone that year.)

DL:Lil' Louis & The Party - Clap Your Hands (Fremur Mix) (ZAC 1997)
(Murderous bassline, soulful 90's style vox and some real pretty vibes. SO DOPE!!!)

DL:Lil' Louis - Conversation (Mike B's, Pause, Just Blow Edit)
(Hey! look whats back from the dead! The old link went down so I figured I'd throw this back up in here.)


Shawn Ryan said...

Thanks man - 2 of these are new to me!

Dollar Bin Jams said...

Damn dude - Stormy Black is the truth! This is quite a blessing for the people of the internets. Thanks again!