Friday, November 21, 2008

One of My Favorite Mixtapes

When I first moved to NY in mid 1997 I kinda went mixtape crazy... from Canal Street to Sonic Groove, I was just buying mad mixtapes from DJ S&S to Derrick Carter and everything in between.
One night I went to a rave-ish party at Vinyl which had Biz Markie performing. He came out with Keith Murray and it pretty much made me want to tongue kiss the city's butthole. I was having the night of my life, regardless of being being there by myself, but that's the beauty of NY.
I ventured to the back of the club and there was a dude with a mixtape stand. Now, one of my favorite things about raves was the ability to shop for shit while tripping balls at 5am. So shop I did.
One of the tapes bought that night was this one:

DJ JS One & DJ Spinbad - The Cold Cutz Remixes - Side A
DJ JS One & DJ Spinbad - The Cold Cutz Remixes - Side B

When I got back to the dorm room (what up Weinstein!) I put the tape in and was floored. These remixes are so ill. I'd go as far as to say that this is the best blend tape of all times. (Yet another ribbon for Spinbad & JS One who actually hold my title for best mixtape of all times with Rock The Casbah.)
Amazing use of movie samples, great acapellas paired with the perfect beats and a guest scratch appearance from thee DJ Scratch. The Cold Cutz even go as far as to make most of their own scratch hooks for songs, a la Primo. It's just really dope on many levels. Listen carefully to the details. It's 11 years later and I'm still noticing shit.
Also, Side B kicks off with the legendary Hip Hop vs Rap remix. I couldn't even understand what was happening the first time I listened.
I met Spinbad a few years later, I think I talked to him about this mixtape for like 40 minutes... Sorry bro.


Nick said...

haha i lived at weinstein too. thanks for posting homie!

Cropsy said...

this mix is the truth! i am even thinking of copin rock the casbah.

Anonymous said...

if you are a derrick carter or mark farina fan go to dooope sets by both.

The Mantis said...

Rock the Casbah IS truly one of the best, which is saying a lot given Spinbad's productivity in those years...