Monday, December 18, 2006

Bassbin Twins - EP1 Track B1

Bassbin Twins 1994

Bassbin Twins is the shit. I like 99% of the entire discography and I have that 99% on wax. This joint is from the first EP. Jungle/Reggae/Rave/Breaks/Hip-Hop/Dub/house shit. Peep the new single from BBT on iTunes, it's called Gun Down and it's funky shit fo sho. It's on Adam Freeland's Marine Parade Records. They also put out a rather firey double album called Bassbin Twins vs Marine Parade. Buy some music for once.

Bassbin Twins - EP1 Track B1


Chas Reynolds said...

Takes me back like seeing the sun rise, rockin a candy necklace. No reason to lie bout it.

Eyes and Teeth said...

Hell yeah! I love this shit. I have a bunch of bassbin twins on vinyl, but I am poking around online and trying to find it, before I covert it myself.
Dope Blog by the way... Is it cool if I add you to my links?
Check me out and feel free to do the same.