Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's My Dick(ie) In A Box

Chronique Music - 2002

Happy Holidays my crew and my dogs. Here is Dickie Greenleaf:Bong & A Blintz. The first mix from the DG series. It was made exactly 4 years ago this week to be given out to friends as holiday gifts. The idea was to put together a mix of all the songs I was stoked on at the time regardless of genre. Like an elementary school mixtape but done in Pro Tools. Lots of good music. Tracks from: Devin The Dude, Le Knight Club, Beck, Green Velvet, DJ Quik, Basement Jaxx, Ron Isley, Johnny Cash, Tommy Guerrero... good times.

Dickie Greenleaf - Bong & A Blintz

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Chas said...

Let this be the start of many a reissue. The people need original funk like this.