Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Extra T's - Flash Boogie

Sunnyview 1983

****vocoder jam alert****

Diggers will know the Extra T's from "E.T. Boogie" & "Corn Flakes" which were sampled by Busta Rhymes & Prince Paul respectively. Basically, this is their other song. Between 82 and 83, Sunnyview released three 12"'s which would be The E.T.'s entire catalog. One group member, Freddy Stonewall, had some early 80's jams on T.K. Disco and produced "Porno Freak" for Blowfly. The other Extra T, Henry Stone, is a much deeper cat and the actual founder of T.K. This song is really fuckin' sweet. Flash the night away.

The Extra T's - Flash Boogie

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