Thursday, December 7, 2006

Power Jam feat Chill Rob G - The Power (Vocal)

Wild Pitch 1990

This record is the shit. Fuck those biters from Snap!
45 King with the ill techno (as it was called back then) beat and Chill Rob G is one of the most overlooked MC's of that era. This is the only version of The Power that should ever be played. It's gettin kinda hectic y'all.

Power Jam feat Chill Rob G - The Power (Vocal)


michel,isabelle,lion,otto... said...

hi mike! thx a lot for all this wicked music. i just heard of this original version of "the power" by chill rob g and you seem to be the only person on the web to have it, unfortunately, the link is dead, would you do me the favor of reuploading it? would be great! blackstrobe's "paris-acid" has been a favourite tune of mine for a long time also, and the r. gabriel mix is great too i think! peace!
m. from france.

Myk said...

I too would love to have a copy of the original version of this song. It's easy to find the version that Snap! rerecorded with Turbo B, not to mention the version that Chill Rob G put out on his album Ride the Rhythm, but neither stand up to the original.