Monday, April 16, 2007

Black Strobe - Paris Acid City

Source - 1997

If you want me buy your record, put Acid in the title. Seriously. There are so many amazing records incorporating that word. From the OG's like Maurice's This Is Acid, to Thursday Club's A Place Called Acid to recent gems like Les Visiteurs Snoops Acid Drop or Wink's 516 Acid. I could go on and on... and I'd love to but I'll spare you any further acid facts. I'm not trying to go all Tim Leary on y'all. So, to get to this record... I bought it unsolicited at Satellite in 97 because it had Acid in the title, listened to it a few times in my doormroom and have had it in a cardboard box til a few weeks ago, when I went through the box and found some real heaters (more to be posted soon.) It turns out this is the first ever Black Strobe record. I can now say that I was listening to Black Strobe 10 years ago. Take that all you recently converted hipsters.

Black Srobe - Paris Acid City

Buy this sweet new remix compilation thing.

And just for fun, here's what happens when I type acid into my iTunes:



dude i'm quite shocked not to see phuture's acid trax and fast eddie's acid thunder!!! don't worry i got u

Sarah said...

Check out this interview w/ Arnaud Rebotini:

Bumpsdick said...

I typed "Paris Acid City" into Hype Machine and look who's the only one who showed up! :>

I'm putting this one on my blog. Credit will def. be given!

P.S. you rollin' to the BPM thing tonight?