Monday, April 2, 2007

RIP Monroes

I've been playing at a spot on Melrose Ave here in LA called Monroes since april of 04 and have had some really fun times in that bitch. I've had 2 birthday party's there and tried my hand at promoting for a short while.
Last saturday, the 31st, would be the last night of it's existence as we know/knew it and it was pretty damn fun.
The entire night was recorded, so here's a lil' souvenir for all the friends and fam that were there for the epic last night or that came through over the years. (And BTW I was working with a broken cross fader up in there... not making excuses, just sayin'. I was basically just using the volumes on their busted-ass Allen & Heath, which has a shitty fader to begin with.)

Live at Monroes Closing
PT 1
PT 2
PT 3

I got drunk that night, children can you tell where? When you find it, turn the page.


You may notice some extra hot blends being dropped left and right. Many of these came courtesy of my Hollerboard home-bro, Ross Hogg from SF. Yearn no longer... cause here's the ones I played. Dancefloor ready.

R. Kelly- I'm A Flirt (Ross Hogg Boxing Remix)
Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Ross Hogg Jah Love Remix)
Mavado vs Diddy - Weh Dem A Do Last Night
Tears For Fears vs T-Pain - Go Dumb and Shout


Oriah said...

Mike B!!! You're my idol!!!! No doubt you were the best Monroe's had. We all love you money.

RIP Monroe's and the Monroe's crew. We did it.

eli escobar said...

i always just use volume knobs. better that way SON

Zartek said...

Monroe's was fun bro. Many a good night there. It will be missed!