Monday, April 9, 2007

Norman Cook (I Heart Series pt. 4)

(the following is from a correspondence w/ one Sean Donson on 4/08/07)

: Dude do you have that song Ghetto Girl by Mighty Dub Katz? I need to hear that shit. Been too long. Might it be included in the inevitable I Heart Norman post?

Mike B:

Donson: Dats my boy. Get shit done bra.

(end correspondence)

That convo took me back to 1996, when we were sitting inside bassbin's at a rave while Oscure & Fester were doing their trademark 2x4 set. When the "I Can't Explain" sampled guitars of "Going Out Of My Head" dropped we just kinda looked at each other like "dude, what the fuck is this awesome shit?" Sean busted a fatty trainspot and caught the name on the 12" : FATBOY SLIM. To this day I continue to buy all of this man's work on Vinyl no matter how crappy it can get (see: his most recent album) and it's no small feet. This guy has made so much shit it's rediculous. For those who don't know, Norman Cook is also known as: Cheeky Boy, Chemistry, Fatboy Slim, Feelgood Factor, Son Of A Cheeky Boy, Sunny Side Up, Urban All Stars and Yum Yum Head Food and was in Beats International, Double Trouble, Freak Power, Fried Funk Food, The Housemartins, Mighty Dub Katz, Pizzaman and Rockaway Three. He's also the genius behind Southern Fried Records which continues to put out really cool records.

Stretch And Vern - I'm Alive (Fat Boy Comes Alive)
Grandslam – 1996

Da Mighty Dub Katz - Ghetto Girl
Southern Fried – 1997

Midfield General - Devil In Sports Casual (Fatboy Slime's Does My Beat Look Big In This Mix)
Skint – 1997

Christopher Just - I'm A Disco Dancer
(Fatboy Slim Remix) Slut Trax – 1997

Son Of A Cheeky Boy - Comma
Vicious Grooves – 1998

Mike & Charlie - I Get Live (fatBOY slim Mix) Regal – 2000

Markus Nikolai - Bushes (Norman Cook Club Mix)
Classic/Southern Fried – 2000

Fatboy Space
Southern Fried


Sean Donson said...

Fucking sweet. All bangers. Comma is the JAM! Way better than with Bootsy. I'm tryin to work this out so I get mentioned in every post. Its working.

AlgiersTwin said...

wow. keep dropping these aiite bud

DJKL said...

yeah sweet work, mike b. I've got some kind of weird SFR sampler (2x12) that has the very original "bird of prey" on it before he revived/reworked it for Fatboy Slim, and lots of other MDK and Pizzaman stuff on it.

And I'm glad that you lead me to donson as well, cos his blog kicks all kinds of arse too.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh missed out.

The links are dead. July 2008. Please repost the Comma track.