Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ignition - Love Is War (Original Ocean Drive Mix)

Kingsize - 2004

Two years ago, on a trip to SF, I stopped by one of my favorite record stores on earth, Tweekin Records on Haight St. Quite an interseting trip to the store it proved to be. I was talking to the dude in store about some of stuff I was into at the time: DFA, Headman, Playgroup ... funky disco punk. I asked if he could pull some cool new records for me. He handed me an extra fat wax stack which me and my road dawg Olde Toby spent hours going through. Alot of great 12"'s were discovered/bought that day. It would also be the day I was introduced to alot of my current favorites. He handed me some record by Booka Shade VS M.A.N.D.Y. called Body Language, as well as a bugged out record called This Is Sick by some dude named Solid Groove. This was also the first time I'd ever heard of a cat that goes by the name Lindstrom. Wow, thanks dude from Tweekin for keepin me, as always, just barely ahead of the curve. Not ahead enough to take credit for anything, but enough to feel just a little cooler than everyone else. I'm not sure wether he handed me this record, or wether I just listened to it because it had a Chicken Lips remix on it. Either way, it's awesome.

Ignition - Love Is War (Original Ocean Drive Mix)

...and so is that Chicken Lips Remix, which you should buy the 12" for. I mean really, really good.

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John said...

i love that record, wonder what ever happened after "Airtight"?

Sean Donson said...

This shit is crazy. I remember hearing this after you bought it, and thinking this shit is crazy. 2 (3?) years later, still crazy. I definitely appreciate it more now. That guitar solo? Wow.

car ignition said...

maybe ive had a bad exp with tweekin but Stoned staff + purposely playing the worst record onhand at the loudest volume possible + 75% empty shelves = worst experience ever.
I literally felt like I was being passive-aggressively ushered out the door from the moment I arrived. The music in the store was so loud that I could barely hear the records I'd picked out to listen to, and what I could hear was bad. As soon as I started walking toward the door, the guy behind the counter stopped the record he was playing as if to say that, now that I was bothered enough to leave, he could do something cool.
This place was fairly decent for the last year, but they must've just recently fired the only buyer who isn't on Claude vonStroke's jock, because now I can't find anything that's either overplayed or that people already aren't buying.