Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's Talk Parties

If you're in NY definitely hit that shit...

If you're in LA you're prolly going to this

or this

Either way...ALL YOU LA CATS!!!!!
get Ready for the After Hours party of the year.

The Official Turnatble lab/Hollertronix after party after hours.
1:30AM til 6AM
2437 Riverside Dr LA 90041
Next door to Ironworks 21

Blu Jemz
Mike B
Special Surprise Guests!!!

Brought to you by APK


andrea macedo said...

i wannaaaa gooo tooo LAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sean Donson said...

Mike, you're an all star.

andrea macedo said...

mike here's another track from bonde das impostora - Funk do Batao

Anonymous said...

mike please please please tell us that you managed to record some of your/blu jems/lloydski's sets??


Cobrizzel said...

Kinda a legendary night. REAL TALK B!!!