Friday, June 29, 2007

Peedi Crack - Fall Back (Random Rap Week pt5)

Roc-A-Fella - 2003

I got this radness in a package full of white lables from The Roc in early 03. I remember that it had promo's of this, Young Guns Can't Stop Won't Stop and another that was Beanie Sigel ft Jay-Z. They were all dope and I remember thinking "Roc-A-Fella's gonna be alright." Dame and Hov split a month later. I was hyped to play it because it sounded so much like Oochie Wally and all the indian sounding shit was blowing up at the time. I shoved this down their throats at Cheetah's but it never really caught on. It still hype's me as so much Philly rap does.

Peedi Crack ft Freeway - Fall Back


andrea macedo said...

oh so many tracks to download! you were inspired this weekend 2 upload.

Jerome said...

FUCK YEA!! This still is the JAM! There were two vesions of this song, the other had a dude named Indy 500 I believe. A good look Mike, I onlt had this on a mix cd with another DJ talking all over it...yes!

lloydski said...


DJ K2 said...

I think I got my personal favorite, "Gangsta Fuck" in the same package that year.

Jonn said...

too hot.

i only have a handful of songs with peedi, but this dude is just too too too

more fire please.

Jonn said...

by the way, what was the A-side?