Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Dubsided - 2005

I figured I needed to start a weekly concept post. here it is. THE WEDNESDAY B-SIDE. I'll put up a dope Side B every weds from here on out. Get excited!

I figured I'd start with one of my recent favs. The Something Likes is the B-Side for A Bit Patchy, the mega hit we all know and love. The Something Likes is more of a tracky number with some very Sneaky influences. or at least that's what i hear. It bangs in the club to boot.

Switch - The Something Likes

And to celbrate this new weekly dealy here's a special bonus cut! One of my favorite Ace joints for real.

Masta Ace Inc - The B Side

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DJKL said...

that track "b-side" is dopey-ropey-dope my man. Niiiice.