Thursday, July 3, 2008

Africanism - Do It!

Yellow - 2000

Africanism had many members... This time, Bob Sinclar & Eddie Amador run shit on a filtered the fuck out disco jammy. Might even be the last dope track Bob Sinclar ever made, I'm not sure though because I stopped paying attention shortly thereafter. Man, I was so down with all his old shit. I used to just run that whole Paradise album. Whatever, not mad at him, just saying, that new shit is just gross. However, it seems he has a new project coming out with Axwell and Ron Carroll, could actually be good, who knows?

***7/7/08 I heard the Sinclar, Awell, Carroll thing... not bad, not great. Worth a listen though.

Africanism (Bob Sinclar & Eddie Amador) - Do It!

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