Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Live Noize From The Depths Of The Big Banana

It's been a while since I've posted any live Banana Split action... Last Sunday we had nothing but homies in the house and heard fresh to death sets from LA legend and Beat Junkie Mr. Choc, the house master Gina Turner and Cocaine Kid N Squared. They all kept it pretty tasteful so I figured I'd close out the night on some super loud, super obnoxious crazy shit... check out the hot off the presses insanity that is the Scooter & Lavelle remix of The Crusade!!!

(thee) Mike B live at Banana Split 7-6-08

Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Crookers Lemmesee Mix)
Toddla T - Soundtape Killing
Machines Don't Care - Afro Jacker
DJ DLG - Paramount (Rogerseventytwo Remix)
Nate Day - Ravelight Ravemore
Discotech - Thuggish Ruggish BMore
KW Griff - In The Club
Chavy Boys - Friday Nite Flu
Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
South Rakkas Crew - Get Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)
Basement Jaxx -Where's Your Head At (Robbie Rivera 2008 Remix)
Graveleaf - The Crusade (Scooter and Lavelle Hands Up Remix)
Evil Nine - They Live

7/10***** re-upped*****
The original link was taken down for terms of use violation... I'm not sure why. If you're the person who flagged the mix please send me a message and tell me why, I'll edit your track out of the mix (as well as probably stop playing your stuff altogether.)

7/11***** re-re-upped***** Fuck you, I fuckin hate you.

7/14***** re-re-re-upped***** Seriously, what the fuck? I've got nothing but time and a million different ways to post this mix... It's already been DL'd over 300 times all together and I'll just keep reposting it. What exactly do you think you're stopping? If there is a track in the mix that you don't want posted, write me about it. I thought I made that clear the first time. If you're just some dick being a dick, then fuck you. I fuckin hate you, as I stated on 7/11.


Drewski0 said...

Dood!! But what was that a milli remix you threw on at the end sounded like a mash with jay z million ?'s remix or some ish, twas the hot fya!!!

Drewski0 said...


(thee) Mike B said...

My homie DJ CObra made that... He doesn't want it out there just yet so I cut off the mix before I got into all that. But how dope is that shit???

Drewski0 said...

Tracks like that make me wanna get back in the game man... I'm puttin in my 2 weeks damnit..