Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Discfunktional - L-O-V-E (Nice Mix)

Moonshine Music - 1997

Doc Martin has been one of my favorite DJ's for as long as I've been into House. He's LA's best offering to the genre and is a super cool dude who to this day throws the best underground House parties in the city with his Sublevel events (for example, last month it was Doc and Andrew Weatherall!) Also, he keeps it so real that he doesn't have a myspace page.
Discfunktional was a project he had with Dave Aude and they put out some pretty cool shit. This particular track was a staple in Doc's sets that year and I'm always a sucker for Take 6 samples.
He happened to be in Beat Non Stop (RIP) on Melrose the day I went to buy it and Mark, the owner offered to have him sign it for me. It seemed random at the time, but 11 years later I was really kinda happy to see this record. You gotta love that he put a heart on it and you gotta love the yin yang in the O... "From The Ground Under."

Discfunktional - L-O-V-E (Nice Mix)
[Moonshine -1997]

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CTOWN said...

Classic shit here Mike, nice one!