Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Blackjoy Summer Mixtapes!

Jerome Caron aka Blackjoy is a funky-ass frenchman. He was out in LA a few weeks back and dropped some groovy knowledge on all of us. He's released music on labels like DFA and Yellow, he's a dope DJ and his edits are nasty! That being said, these "mixtapes" are truly righteous. Especially the third one which contains several of my own tasty edits... All three are really nice summer mixes spanning too many genres to list. Enjoy.

Blackjoy sez:
Parce que l'été c'est maintenant
Parce que c'est toujours bien d'avoir des tapes dans ton lecteur MP3
Parce que j'avais envie de les faire

'Cause summer is now
'Cause it's always good to get tapes in your mp3 player
'Cause I wanted to do them

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 1

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 2

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 3

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