Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Banana Split Hip Hop Night Recap

So last sunday, we had a Classic Hip-Hop night at LAX and it was pretty amazing.
AM, Adam 12 and I played the music

Titties was out

LA legends DJ Revolution and DJ Muggs were in the house

Adam 12 brought a matching set of hot Suicide Girls

and whats a hip-hop night without dudes and 40's?

We were at capacity by 11:30 and the crowd was really into it. And they weren't even just fronting, watch what happens at the begining of this video when Adam 12 drops Diamond D's Fuck What U Heard...

That footage is from near the end of the night when Adam, AM and I went 2 for 2 for awhile... Here's some more:

As always thanks to Glenjamn for filming and taking pics... he has lots more video from that night here

A part of my early set got recorded but I guess I had the bass up a little loud... you get the idea.

DL:(thee) MIKE B - Live at Banana Split Classic Hip-Hop Night - 7-27-08

There's way more scratching than usual here... I had a lot of Sangria at The Do Over before hand. 40's and blunts kid.


Neoteric said...

that was pretty epic! the rodney o killed, and the jewish juggle was amazing!!

Jerome Baker III said...

Sounds awesome. Glad to see kids were into it and danced as if it was 1995!

Anonymous said...

i cant believe i missed this!!!!!!

Ollie said...

Looked like one Fresh party. Bugging I wasn;t in LA, wasn't there... Crowd looked like they were loving it.

DC said...

Can you post the whole set???.....this ish is FIYA!!!