Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Andrew "Dice" Clay - Dice (Rick Rubin's Dance Club Mix)

Thanks to DJ Technics and his really cool History Of Baltimore Club page for hipping me to this. Apparently Rick decided that this incredibly popular stand-up bit needed a club version. Why not? It's a perfect example of how everything is better with a Lyn Collins loop. I wonder how long he had to deliberate between wether to use the "you bad hank" break or the "bad sister" break. More proof that this man can do no wrong, even when it's beyond simple.

Andrew "Dice" Clay - Dice (Rick Rubin's Dance Club Mix)

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Sean Donson said...

Wow. No words.

Zartek said...

Why does this record make so much sense to me?

Jonathan said...

Super props on this one homie!

Deez said...

Can you re-up this one? Been dying to hear it for years!