Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Hit Squad Knish be Poppin These Rocks

The Knish Hit Squad (DJ Trident & I) just finished our first mix together entitled KELL-E'S TRIP TO THE UNDERGROUND, exclusively for the consistently excellent These Rocks Pop. It consists of some of our favorite 90's house and rave joints and a bunch of new stuff from us and the homies. It's basically 100% guaranteed not to have anything you ever downloaded off of a blog and you might just learn something. Not anything good or even intersesting, but since we're standing on shakey ground too close to the edge; let's see if you know the ledge.

The Knish Hit Squad Presents Kell-E's Trip To The Underground
(for These Rocks Pop)

and be our friend. You can listen to our new Greg Nice remix there.


Larry Sovereign said...

Hot mix, thanks again

eli escobar said...

That place was SO never again

Sean Donson said...

That Greg Nice mix is nice. Is it just me or did you guys sample "Pure"?

Mike B said...

Eli, all I have to say is, Grieco Suave.
And yes Donson, we sampled Pure. You like-a da juice?

Chris said...

i want those andre's bottom row second from left.

they are gonna retro the other ones but in a corny colorway..

if they are gonna retro them, they should make the ones i want!!

Elwood said...

this is hot. That Chris Rock shit had me rolling here at my job. Nice work.