Saturday, March 24, 2007

Armand Van Helden (I Heart Series pt. 3)

Armand has been making classic house records since the very early 90's. I mean, dude is responsible for more classic anthems than I wanna bother to list. In my opinion he really hit his groove in the mid to late nineties when he developped the sound that would ultimately become Speed Garage and was the go to guy for all the major remix's. There have been several compilations of his remix work from that time, but here's a few I had to rip because they weren't on any of em. Including his remix of Wamdue Project's "Where Do We Go?" which is my favorite of all for reasons you will soon hear. If you so desire.

Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (Bangin' Like A Benzi Mix)
Strictly Rhythm 1996

Fine Young Canibals - The Flame (Armand's Ghostphunk Remix)
London - 1996

Daft Punk - Da Funk(Armand Van Helden's Ten Minutes Of Funk Remix)
Virgin - 1996

Armand Van Helden & The Horse - Ghetto House Groove
Maxi - 1998

Wamdue Project - Where Do We Go (Armand's Last Hustle In Paris Mix)
Strictly Rythm - 1998

Armand's Space
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You should also check out his new single Touch Your Toes on Southern Fried. The original is hot as fuck and it features a banging Stretch Armstrong remix.

And this video for Hear My name is amazing.


Morganix said...

Great post man. Thank you for taking the time to rip this stuff and share. That Daft Punk remix is timeless!

DJKL said...

Yeah I agree with Morganix. Cheers for the ripping action. I remember those days when Armand turned all he touched to gold, but I had missed a few of these remixes along the way. Thanks again.

Sean Donson said...

That Wamdue shit is still so good. So good. FYC? Totally forgot about that one. They all rule, but whats up with no Work Me Goddamnit?

*guillaume* said...

Like the others said thanks much about that post! I should drop a mix of 96-98 house stuff that were big in Paris back in the days!

k. said...

Love these thanks MIKE B!

KlubbHearT said...

oh man.. can you reupload these old good songs from AVH??? pleeeeease