Friday, March 16, 2007

Idjut Boys & Laj - Whok Tish (Twakting)

U-Star - 1996

The weather's been quite nice lately and a nice long file trading session I had with Pube$ has me feelin the African disco vibes*... Which brought me to this here 12". Donson & I first heard this on a Jason Blakemore mixtape called Give. We refered to it as the Paul Simon-y House song. Weeks later we ran into DJ Trance himself on a record buying mission in the OC where he identified it as "some Idjut Boys record". Thanks pal. 4 years and 13 mail order Idjut Boys 12"'s later, it was mine. It has that funky african feel from Graceland that I love so well. Feel the heat.

Idjut Boys & Laj - Whok Tish (Twakting)

*The hottest shit I got in that trading session was the Tango Terje dub of Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes by our man Paul Simon. Since it's from Pube$ secret vinyl stash I can't post it here but I highly recomend you seek out the vinyl.

And buy some Jason Blakemore Mixes.

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