Friday, March 2, 2007

The blog, she is restless.

Peep As Restless As We Are. It's Sean Donson's awesome blog that consists of post after post of hot lava. This guy is responsible for a lot of my taste in music. I mean seriously, he was the guy who said the words "we should check out this Daft Punk album" back in '96. He's been ahead of the curve on music for as long as I've known him, so take advantage of his generosity.

You should also peep his radical mix from a couple years back entitled "I'm The Debaser, So Stop Frontin." This got me thru a haggard road trip one time.

Donson The Debaser folder 1
Donson The Debaser folder 2


It's in 2 parts cuz it was ripped at 192... you gotta DL both of em and put into iTunes and arrange by album to get it the right way. Enjoy.

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Sean Donson said...

Damn. Thats the nicest thing anybody ever said to me. sniffle.