Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Re-Up Gang

As I recently perused my old posts to see what was what, I noticed a lot of new comments asking for re-ups.
Well, it's your lucky day. In celebration of my new ultra fast cable modem and due to the fact that my readership tripled (thanks to Stretch, Nick Catchdubs and The Hype Machine), I will be re-upping the most requested tracks from previous posts.

Please use the comments section of this post to list the track/tracks you would like to see reposted and I will be glad to oblige.


Count Drugula said...

First up, thanks a bajillion for the Armand post--Surrender and I have been pumping Spark Da Meth nonstop ever since. Also, do you know anything more about that Loop Tracers 12'' that Donson posted a couple weeks back. Song has seriously become my favorite thing currently and discogs informs me that was their only release--do you know anything else about them?

It's funny--I found myself going through your archives on, like, tuesday and making an imaginary list of all the songs I wished I would have scooped up. Sorry to be a lil' excessive here, but you asked...
-Once in a Liftime white label
-Smooth Operator 12'' version (I've been aching for a longer version of that song for years)
-the Timbo and Paul Johnson posts

Sorry, but I was kicking myself for not downloading these earlier...I can't believe I don't have any of that Timbo. The new album is fly though...I even like the song with Fall Out Boy, which is something I never could never dream of writing. Thanks for the solidity, man.

Mike B said...

Drug-master... I barely remember that Loop Tracers 12". I bought it in like 98 and Donson borrowed it in 99. Haven't seen it since! It is rad though.

I will re-up the music soon.

For the Paul Johnson tunes, the White Winds, It's A Love Thang and the Groove On The Rocks are still up. Check the post.
I'll post the two others along with everything else.

Sean Donson said...

Not exactly a reup but I think we would all love a full version of the Chris Rock/Armand thing. Its amazin.

the dice fan said...

the dice-man.

Enzo said...