Sunday, October 28, 2007

DJ Sneak (I Heart series pt. 5)

DJ Sneak can, at the same time, make the deepest funkiest tracks and the hardest house ever made. He co-produced Digital Love, arguably Daft Punk's finest hour and has remixed the Backstreet Boys. Thats what I call both extremes. Since the early 90's, this member of Da Mongoloid crew has been a prominent player in House music and has released records and remixes on basically every label out there. His mixtapes, particularly the Green Bush series, are also excellent. From the very first time I listened to one of his records to the last time I saw him DJ (which was last year) Carlos Sosa has been one of my favorites.

DJ Sneak - Amiz
Relief - 1994

DJ Sneak - All Over (My Face)
Downtown 161 - 1995

Track Assassin - Jungle Boogie
Catalyst - 1996

Killer Loop ft DJ Sneak - Broken (DJ Sneak Mix)
End -1997

DJ Sneak - Sneak's A Freak Henry Sreet - 1997

Dope Smugglaz - Married to the Music (DJ Sneak Remix)

Pussy 2000 - It's Gonna be Alright (DJ Sneak Vocal Edit)

DJ Sneak - I Dropped My Glowstick
Magnetic - 2002

Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (DJ Sneak Remix)
Relief - 2006

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Elwood said...

The I Heart Series is the best, hands down.

Mike B said...

Thanks Bro... I gotta have some reason to keep all this vinyl around right?

KlubbHearT said...

so good traxx but so bad host... please reupload on rapid or zshare dude... :(

kid kloker said...

Aww shit, your blog is MADNESS man. That whole Sneak's post is serious.

Check out our new website if you want:

Peace, homie.

matt said...

dude the gimme da drumz track on the track assassins record is the illest