Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tape Kingz - 1996

Featured on not 1 but 2 dope DJ Premier mixes, this flavorful morcel from G-Depp (who would later go on to drop the extra p and sign to Bad Boy) was the B-Side to a DJ LS-One & DJ Dummy party record on Tape Kingz. 1996 at it's randomest.

G-Depp - Head Over Wheels


Ollie said...

Whoa... what a coincidence, was just reading that G-Depp post when on comes the Run-DMC joint that Primo uses on the 'NYC Reality Check' mix before 'Properties of Steel'. On another note the redesign is real nice, word!

dhp said...

oh wow - i love this one. never heard of this guy before. something about his delivery/style reminds me of craig mack.

DJ Kitsune said...

Been loving this record ever since NY Reality Check came out. This is a new york underground classic and made me look for new g dep material ever since. Thanks for posting the original version.

DJ Kitsune