Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tag - 1996

I don't wanna talk about where I was or what I was on the first time I heard this. I just wanna make that perfectly clear. What I will say is that if all Tribal House was this rad, I'd listen to more of it.

Playboy - In Da Jungle (MOD Wheel Safari Mix)


Anonymous said...

This doesn't really sounds like Tribal House at all.

Trident said...

Holy ish. Classic!
If it isn't the rhythm pattern that makes this tribal then it's definitely the monkey sounds.

Anonymous said...

I was deinately at Exit or maybe it was Soundfatcory when I first heard this. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Dude seriously. Your blog takes 30 minutes to load. THe fucks that about.

DJKL said...

Hey dude, I been away but came back to find some crazy stuff on your page. I was thinking that this is Tom Middelton on the mix... He used the name Mod Wheel. Discogs seems to say yes to this theory. Also, Orlando Voorn has done a bunch of cool stuff including the track "Systematic Frequency" on Reactivate 6... definitely a top track.