Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Metalbox - 1997

I hate it when I have two back to back Weds B-Sides... I just feel all like "it's been a whole week and I haven't even shared my really hard to find music for free." And with oink gone I know you guys need all the free shit I can muster! Hey, guess what? Here's another awesome house record from 1997 aka the most talked about year up in this bitch. It just happens that way. Can't help it. Steve Loria used to play the bejeeziss outta this one. And he was the man. You should really check some of his old mixes which are up at one of the best websites i've ever seen*.

Green Flame & Mr. G - Who Knows

*though this one is right up there.


seandonson said...

This shit was also on DJ Feelgood's Happy House Vol 1, also available over at EzSkankin. Thanks for the full copy! Go '97!

johnnycocco said...

dope track man.. keep em coming