Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Saga Of TTL LA Radio

As some may know... last month The Knish Hit Squad (DJ Trident & myself) were featured on the Blu Jemz hosted TTL LA Radio which streams over at It was alot of fun. Pase Rock also did a set (killed it) and an interview (fucking hilarious.) Now that it's been taken down, I figured I'd post the uncensored mp3's. (The ones that streamed were cleaned up (by yours truly) because the Toyota folks gotta keep it clean.) So here's a chance to revisit these treasures or hear them for the first time if you were too lazy to peep the show while it was streaming.

Knish Hit Squad Live DJ Set on TTL LA Radio
Knish Interview

Pase Rock Live DJ Set On TTL Radio
Pase Rock Interview

Blu Jemz Live DJ Set On TTL LA Radio

So a couple weeks ago, Blu Jemz had his blackberry stolen just days after losing his sidekick which I beleive was replacing another lost phone. I saw him on IM and started talking shit when he hit me with this:

I had to take a snap shot. Something about that icon and the bubble text... It's just perfect.
To add insult to injury, here's a picture of him and his girlfriend Lax wearing matching shirts:

Seriously though, James & Lax are the shit.

Shout to DJ Haul aka The King of Scion Radio. He also has a funky fresh show over there. Check out all the dope shows up at Scion Broadand including shows hosted by The Rub, Roy Davis Jr, Mark The 45 King, Franki Chan & more...

And peep the new TTL LA Radio featuring Eli Escobar, Curtis Vodka, Lloydski & Roger Yamaha (with a guest appearance by me!)

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