Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lovebeads Feat. Courtney Grey - This Is The Only Way (Mousse T.'s Raw Mix)

Prog City - 1996

aka "'s a vibratory thang, it's a vibratory thang..."

This track is such a classic, Mousse T. in his prime. I think I first heard it on Armand Van Helden's KTU show (96-97). It was so ill! Every weeknight he would play a set live on the radio from 11-12. Mad speed garage, french house, all the Mongoloid tracks. Sometimes some hip-hop or classic house, but mostly just crazy bassline city. This track would definitely be on the mellower side of what he might play on that show, but it got a lot of play across the board. I've heard Derrick Carter, DJ Dan, DJ Sneak and many other big wigs play this. And rightfully so. I love this shit.

Lovebeads Feat. Courtney Grey - This Is The Only Way (Mousse T.'s Raw Mix)


dhp said...

awww man--i remember this song! love it but you're right about it being mellow--wouldn't exactly clear the floor but it definitely lacked a real solid roof-raising moment.

matt said...

To me, this is the most bangin house beat in house music. Mellow and hard as shit at the same time. I used to sweat this track and now i don't have to rip it, thanks doggs

Unknown said...

I SO remember this song rocking 1000 people at Home Base in Oakland back in the day. One my all time fav's.