Sunday, January 6, 2008

DJ Sneak Redux

Soooooo... Due to a rather fun filled holiday season, things have been a tad bit slow on the unpacking front. I have unpacked roughly 1/3 of my vinyl but have yet to set up a turntable.
Going through my playlist of ripped vinyl, I remembered these two gems that didn't make the final cut of the I Heart DJ Sneak post. Both quite fresh in their own right...

The first was omitted because it's an Ian Pooley remix of a Sneak track. However, Sneak used to play this version quite regularly and it was featured on the amazing Green Bush mixtape or was it Harvest Season? Donson? Anyone? Also, it's a really fucking good track.

DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin' (Ian's Fierce Mix) [1997]

I left this other one out because frankly... it can be really annoying. However, at the right time, at the right party, a Jamalski loop is just what you need to get your mind right.

Wildchild - Badboy ft Jamalski (Sneak's Ragga Dub) [1997]

They're also both from 97 and I'd already posted a couple others from that year... the most played out year on my blog!


seandonson said...

It was Green Bush and 97 was the best year ever. Don't forget it.

Anonymous said...

Sneak is in So. Cali 3x's in feb. Check out his shows ppl."team pinga"

Shawn V

Anonymous said...

Can re-post the link plz?!