Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trident's Wax Chronicles pt. 1

The better half of the Knish Hit Squad, DJ Trident sent me 3 sick records he ripped today. Since I have yet to get the digitizing back in effect, I suggested he do a guest blog and post the tracks. I'm hopeful that he'll make a habit of this! Enjoy, this shit is gold I tell you.

1.Watermelon - Jungle Shit (Watermelon - 1996)

"I got this at DMC on Melrose in 10th grade when you could grab stacks and listen to shit across from Thomas Michael as he was listening to shit.
The other cuts on the record were club-progressive and are dope. I have no idea who Watermelon is."

2.DJ Self & Puerta-Rock - Dance Like A Freak (DJ Self Mix) (NRG - 1997)

"This record I came up on in college when I was tag teaming my L.A. head banger house collection (big up Aqua Boogie, Abstract, etc...) against my homie's booty stuff. He and his crew brought out Godfather to do a small party in Berkeley around when Assault started getting written up a lot ('99?). The last breakdown is sooo Angelina '96. He shouts out DJ Trajic (of Pants R' Saggin' fame) on the back graphics."

3.Frankie Bones - Ghetto Technics 8, Side B Track 1 (Ghetto Technics - 1998)

"I copped this one at Beat Nonstop in 1998 (RIP and RIP Temple of Boom). It was hard but maintained a dope Hip-Hop sample over the house (a la Armand Van Helden) but with a harder NY Frankie sound. I forget the song it's from* but I remember something like "Bubble large, big shout on the east coast..." Kool Keith maybe? Used to kill in both house and breaks sets. It's also longer than shit!"

*Yeah dude, definitely Kool Keith... or more specifically Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large." - Mike


trilldent said...

damn, pass revoked! bubble large, y'all...

(thee) Mike B said...

hahaha... you need a day pass kid.