Friday, January 11, 2008

Internet Crack-ups!

For an unflattering picture of me go here.

For some more unflattering pictures of me go here.

To read an interview with a madman and read the words "Mike B is definitely one of my favorite DJ’s" go here.

Also, Palms Out has shown me so much love lately. They've posted a remix/edit of mine almost every week in REMIX SUNDAY for the last couple months. Thanks guys.



OK but let's get the spelling right

Thee Mike B said...

Whats speling? Whare? Mee speaky gooood ingrish... or mayb e I jsut want my blog to read like a Bott Camp Clik album.

dead serious said...

alife=one of my fave brands..

ill stuff as always.

zhiguli said...

mike b is one of best bloggers, and yo edits is very very cool!