Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So... I have an official mixtape release. It's called SPLIT and it's inspired by Banana Split, of course. It's a combination of stuff that gets played there a lot by the residents, stuff by people who've been our guests and then just a bunch of stuff that I like.
It hit the Turntable Lab's last week and should be up on their website soon. I was waiting for it to be buyable online before posting it here but it has taken on an internet life of it's own! Franki Chan posted it up on his iheartcomix blog to hype up the night we did at Beauty bar on Monday, so then I posted it up over at Low-Bee and the reactions have been getting me gassed on some Cipha Sounds shit:

"This shit is NICE"
-Desert Eagles
"Unsurprisingly, the shit bangs."
-Fresh Dipt
"One of the best mixes I've heard so far this year!"
-DJ Neoteric
"So Dope"
-Jerome Baker III (Better Than Yours)
"Helllls Yeah"
-DJ Morse Code

-Pase Rock
"This mix is that fire."
-Steve Blank
"Mike Brillz 4 Prez"
-Them Jeans
"Murdered It"
-Saul Mojica

You can download it here:
(thee)Mike B - SPLIT (79:58/160kbps)
But you should buy the CD cuz it sounds wayyy better.

So when you're down at TTL coppin... you should also pick Gina Turner's new mix entitled White Panties. That shit is banging, and these two mixes go together like lox and cream cheese kid.


Ollie said...

Exceptionally Dope

Sexface said...

So real. Well done, my friend.
Keep it up:

Sexface said...
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strictlysocial said...

Some extremely smooth transitions and blends in this man. Well done. Need to get you down here to San Diego to play.


Shit is mad intimate.

Brik Mason said...

cool. i love banana splits

Anonymous said...

stupid dope...keep killin' LA!

Gina Turner said...

cream cheese and lox! I LOVE IT!
but seriously your mix rocks...

hey....whats better Than a banana split while wearing white panties...?

Neoteric said...

you're the biggest boss that we've seen, thus far!

Anonymous said...

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